Array provides easy way to represent our data in C program. 

If we want to store marks of 100 students, then declaring 100 different int type of variables is not a good idea in C. C language provides facility to solve this issue using concept of “Array”. An array is collection of variables with same datatype.

In C language Arrays are of two types:
  • One-dimensional arrays
  • Multidimensional arrays
Syntax of Array

Array variable must be declared before its first use in C program. The general syntax of declaring one-dimensional array is as under:

data_type array_name[size_of_array];

  • data_type may be any valid C data type like int, char, float, etc
  • array_name is valid variable name as per C language
  • size_of_array indicates maximum number of elements that array can store
Example of one dimensional array declaration:

     int marks[100];

We can store marks of 100 students in "marks" array declared above.

You can learn use of various Array concepts using C programming language by practicing following programs:

Sample Programs

C program to read and display 5 integer values in 1-D array.

int main()
 int i=0, number[5];
 for(i=0; i<5; i++) // This loop tracks array index 
  printf("Enter your Number[%d]:",i);
 //Logic to print number array.
 for(i=0; i<5; i++) // This loop tracks array index 
  printf("Number[%d]:%d \n", i, number[i]);
 return 0;

Output of the program

Enter your Number[0]:2
Enter your Number[1]:4
Enter your Number[2]:6
Enter your Number[3]:8
Enter your Number[4]:10

int main()
 int i, arr1[5];
 for(i=0; i<5; i++)
  printf("Enter Element[%d]:", i);
 printf("Array elements in reverse order are:\n");
 for(i=4; i>=0; i--)
  printf("Element[%d]: %d \n", i,arr1[i]);

Output of the program

Enter Element[0]:1
Enter Element[1]:2
Enter Element[2]:3
Enter Element[3]:4
Enter Element[4]:5
Array elements in reverse order are:
Element[4]: 5
Element[3]: 4
Element[2]: 3
Element[1]: 2
Element[0]: 1


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