Demo Project modules and codes are given below. Students can use this modules to develop and extend their own projects.

Project - Main Menu Module

  • This project will demonstrate how to create and use Main Menu in project.
  • Project uses concepts of Functions to implement project.
Fig. Sample Output for Project Library Management System - Main Menu Code

Using Colors in C Project

[Check source code here]

  • This project shoes how to use Colors in C program without using <graphics.h>.

User Authentication

Login Check Function (User ID Password Module)

[Check source code here]

  • This C project code will check the User ID and Password entered by user with the UserID and Password stored into login.txt file.
C Project Login Check Function / User ID Password Module
Fig. Sample Output - Login Check Function / User ID Password Module

Graphical Reports (Bar Chart based on given Data)

[Check source code here]

  • This project code shows how to generate Graphical Reports of Student's Class Test from "classtest.txt" data file without use of <graphics.h>. 
  • Assume classtest.txt file contains RollNo and Marks Obtained by the students. This program will display horizontal BAR chart of the Marks obtained by the students.

C Project Code Graphical Reports
Fig. Sample Output - Class Test Graphical Report (Bar Chart)

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