Flowchart Definition: A flow chart is a graphical representation of algorithms, workflow or process. 

The purpose of a flow chart is to provide people with a common language for understanding a project or process. Each flowchart represents a solution to a given problem definition. Flowchart is prepared using following common symbols:

Flowchart Symbol
Figure: Flowchart Symbol

Basic Flowchart

Basic Flowchart
Figure: Basic Flowchart

Explanation of Basic Flowchart

Step-1: Start
Step-2: Begin your process 1
Step-3: Take decision (Check some condition)
Step-4: Based on answer from Step-3, execute Process 2 or Process 3. If answer of step 3 is No, execute Process 2 and repeat Step-2, 3 and 4; otherwise execute Process 3
Step-5: End

Example of Flowchart

Odd Even Number Flowchart

Sample Flowchart

RAPTOR is one of the popular tools to design and evaluate Flowchart. This tool is designed to help students to visualize their algorithms.

Raptor is a simple-to-use problem solving tool that enables the user to generate executable flowcharts. Raptor was written for students being introduced to the computing discipline in order to develop problem solving skills and improve algorithmic thinking.

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